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P6Platform Export Compliance
We have some good news regarding compliance with U.S. export controls!
P6R has obtained a Commodity Classification (Form BIS-6002L ~ CCATS No. G072672) from the Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security confirming that the P6Platform is classified under Export Control Classification Number 5D002.c.1 on the Commerce Control List of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).
As a result, P6Platform software now is eligible for export under the provisions of License Exception ENC/Unrestricted, pursuant to Section 740.17(b)(3) of the EAR. As such, P6Platform software may be exported and reexported to all countries except Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan, subject to the standard restrictions on end-user and end-use described in the EAR.
For more information regarding the use of License Exception ENC and other requirements of the EAR, please visit the Bureau of Industry and Security's website www.bis.doc.gov or contact their offices directly:
Bureau of Industry and Security, Washington, D.C. (202) 482-4811
If you need further assistance or have more questions about P6Platform's export compliance, please Contact Us.