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C++ Component Libraries

SKC Secure KMIP Client SDK

  • Layered API
  • Full Client Implementation
  • Single API for All protocol flavors
  • Cross Platform/Single Codebase
  • Extensive Protocol Logging

XML/JSON Libraries Suite

  • XPath 2.0, XSLT 2.0
  • Regular Expession Engine
  • Busness Rules Engine
  • Cross Platform/Single code base

The following products are in the works.

Please Contact-Us if you are interested in beta testing, or have any questions.

Cross Platform Server Framework

P6Platform™ is a C++ a cross-platform software development framework for servers that allows you to bypass tedious server infrastructure development and focus on delivering innovative world class server applications. Your applications compile from a single code base and run natively, providing maximum runtime speed and flexibility.
  • Cross Platform
  • Interface Based C++ COM APIs
  • Extensive Functionality