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KSG™ KMIP Server Gateway

KMIP to PKCS#11 gateway, allowing KMIP clients to use a subset of the KMIP protocol to communicate with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) via the OASIS PKCS#11 API.

KSL™ KMIP Server Library

KMIP Server SDK that provides an implementation of the OASIS KMIP Standard for servers.

KVS™ KMIP Server Protocol Verification Suite

KMIP protocol server test and verification suite that implements the standard OASIS KMIP test cases.

SKC™ Secure KMIP Client SDK

SKC is a KMIP Client SDK that provides a full implementation of the OASIS KMIP standard for clients.

P11 PKCS#11 Library

P6R's P11 PKCS#11 Library enables organizations to use a KMIP server with PKCS#11 enabled applications as well as access traditional HSM's through the same library.

TDE Connector for Oracle Database

P6R's TDE Connector for Oracle Database enables organizations to centrally manage and securely store cryptographic keys for Oracle TDE in an Oasis KMIP complaint key server.

SQLiteTDE Library

P6R's SQLiteTDE library is an echanced SQLite database library that includes page encryption to provide transparent data encryption (TDE) to secure a SQLite database.