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Premium Support

We offer Premium Support for our customers that need a faster response channel to help them address time critical issues when building applications using our libraries and tools. Premium support incidents provide you with personalized support to help bring your issues to resolution and are provided on a per account basis only. Premium support is required for source licenses and one-off platform ports.
Premium Support includes all the privileges of our Standard Support plan plus the following:
  • Rapid response to your issues, usually within hours, never more than 1 business day.
  • Premium support contact.
  • Access to emergency patches outside of regularly scheduled releases.
  • 5 premium support incidents per subscription year. Extra incidents are available at additional cost.
  • Phone conferences and meeting also available at additional cost.
  • Help with compilation and porting for source licensees.
Rapid Response
Our Premium Support rapid response provides you fast responses for your time critical issues. Premium support requests are prioritized above standard support requests and we provide first response to your issues within 1 business day, and usually much faster than that.
Non-critical issues receive priority handling with a 1-3 day response time and do not use a Premium Support incident. This gives you the flexibility to only use premium incidents when needed.
Premium Support Contact
Our Premium Support program provides you with a single point of contact. This person will ensure that your support requests are appropriately prioritized. They will work with you to gain an understanding of the design and implementation of your project in order to better support your needs.