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Server Development Framework

P6Platform™ is a C++ cross-platform server framework that allows you to bypass tedious server infrastructure development and focus on delivering innovative server applications. It's component based C++ API's abstract platform differences enabling cross-platform development using a single code base. Your applications compile and run natively, providing maximum runtime speed and flexibility.

P6Platform™ enables the development of servers which run across multiple server operating systems without any code modifications. Your applications compile and run natively on multiple platforms using a single codebase which shortens the time-to-market of your applications and allows you to leverage your development efforts across all supported platforms.

P6Platform™ provides many features and services that should be in every server, but few have the time to engineer and build. Using P6Platform™, developers are able to concentrate on their applications while still providing solid, scalable, and monitorable server solutions across many platforms. Concentrating on the application allows you to reduce time-to-market and deliver more to your customers.