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Archive for May, 2008

  • A SAX-like Parser for JSON

    Introduction P6R’s JSON parser provides a C++ implementation of the SAX2 like interface. (See our JSN Streaming JSON Parser Library, which is also included in our XJR SDK.) Our parser implementation is designed to be high performance and to directly support a streaming IO model. The parser can be invoked with the entire JSON document […]

  • An XPath Enabled Rule Engine

    This document was updated on 11 April 2024. An excellent introduction to Rule Engines can be found at “Chapter1. The Rule Engine” . However, this description is a bit detailed. In general, a rule engine allows the user to define a set of conditional statements (such as “if x then y”), where when the condition […]

  • XSLT and XPath for JSON

    Instead of developing separate software to provide XSLT and XPath functionality to documents encoded in JSON we decided to extend our existing XML suite of tools (i.e., XJR) to accommodate more than XML documents. Once we had this ability we took one more step and applied this capability to another XPath enabled software in our […]